Webinar on EU project iTILT ("Interactive Teaching in Languages with Technologies")


iTILT partners Dr Shona Whyte (Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France) and Ton Koenraad (TELLConsult, Netherlands) successfully ran the interactive online webinar "Interactive Teaching in Languages with Technologies" on Monday 21 November 2016. The international event was attended by some more than 160 colleagues (language teachers and teacher educators).


Webinar on EU project iTILT ("Interactive Teaching in Languages with Technologies") results and progress :

hosted by Jürgen Wagner (Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien Saarland, Germany), 21 November 2016

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Introduction to the webinar :
"iTILT, Interactive Teaching in Languages with Technology, is a professional development project to support interactive approaches to language teaching with classroom technologies.  The project builds on a previous project involving 44 teachers of 6 languages at 4 different educational levels in 7 countries, all using the IWB (Interactive White Board) for language teaching. An open educational web resource was developed which includes over 250 video clips of IWB-mediated language teaching practice (http://itilt.eu); we also published a collective volume with case studies of IWB use in language education (Cutrim Schmid & Whyte, 2014) and a research monograph focusing on collaborative action research in a task-based framework (Whyte, 2015).

The new three year project (iTILT2) moves beyond the IWB to focus on developing effective teaching and learning of second languages with a wider range of new and emerging interactive technologies (such as tablets, smartphones and video). It involves supporting teachers in task-based approaches to technology integration though observation, reflection and sharing via an online community of practice.

We will briefly present ways to exploit iTILT’s currently available resources in teacher education and continuing professional development (Koenraad et al., 2013) and report on the interim results of the new project, including examples of technology-mediated language tasks."

Dr Shona Whyte, Ton Koenraad

Full summary of the webinar :


Report of the webinar :

Other links :
We would like to recommend this internationally appreciated OER service and repository with CPD webinar video resources http://www.lpm.uni-sb.de/typo3/index.php?id=1258.

Finally, also check out this Padlet page: https://padlet.com/wagjuer1/globinars 
It is a great demonstration of how an online community of language teachers is developing where members contribute and greatly appreciate the sharing of experiences.
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