Congress "Metabolism and Cancer"

25-26 September 2014, Le Saint-Paul Hôtel, Nice
Quand ? Du 25-09-2014 à 10:30
au 26-09-2014 à 10:30
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The study of the metabolism of tumors is an expanding topic which offers new innovative and promising therapeutic perspectives. Not so many conferences deal with this theme in Europe.

This symposium offers a main opportunity to gather at the regional, national but also international level,  recognized experts in this domain

The organizing committee hopes that this meeting will provide an exceptional opportunity for you to share your collective expertise ranging to facilitate ongoing studies.


Local Organizing Committee : Frédéric Bost (C3M, Nice), Laurent Le Cam (IRCM, Montpellier), Nathalie Mazure (IRCAN, Nice), Jean-Ehrland Ricci (C3M, Nice), Stéphane Rocchi (C3M, Nice), Rodrigue Rossignol (MRGM, Bordeaux), Jean-Emmanuel Sarry (CRCT, Toulouse), Sophie Vasseur (CRCM, Marseille).


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