Séminaire (Physique et Astrophysique) : A cold-atom random laser: from atomic to astrophysics

Séminaire par Robin Kaiser, Institut non-linéaire de Nice (UNS & CNRS). Organisé par l'Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur et le laboratoire ARTEMIS.
Quand ? Le 15-04-2014,
de 10:30 à 12:00
Où ? Observatoire de Nice (bât. NEF), Bvd de l'Observatoire
Téléphone 04 92 00 30 66 (accueil Laboratoire ARTEMIS)
Participants Robin Kaiser, Institut non-linéaire de Nice (UNS & CNRS)
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Atoms can scatter light and they can also amplify it by stimulated emission. From this simple starting point, we study how to realize a random laser in a cloud of laser-cooled atoms. The answer is not obvious as both processes (elastic scattering and stimulated emission) seem to exclude one another: pumping atoms to make them behave as an amplifier reduces drastically their scattering cross-section [1].  Here we show experimental realizations of lasing with cold  atoms in a cavity [2] and without external mirrors (random lasing) [3]. This situation has been investigated in various different systems, including condensed matter and astrophysics [4].
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