Séminaire (physique) : Relaxation dynamics of a coherently split one-dimensional gas

Quand ? Le 07-02-2014,
de 11:00 à 11:00
Où ? Institut Nonlinéaire de Nice, 361 routes des Lucioles, Sophia Antipolis, Valbonne
Participants Laura Foini,
University of Geneva
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Résumé : 


Non-equilibrium dynamics and relaxation processes in isolated quantum
systems represent, at present, a vivid research direction both
theoretically and experimentally. Such interest is sustained by the
overwhelming progress in the field of cold atoms that allows to
investigate the unitary dynamics of the system.
In this talk I will review an experiment that has considered the
splitting of a one-dimensional Bose gas into two coherent gases, where,
ultimately, the properties of the system are probed by matter-wave

While previous works have focused on the independent dynamics of the two
systems after the splitting, in our study we take into account the
effect of a finite tunneling coupling between the two. Comparisons
between the results obtained for such non-equilibrium problem and the
thermal ones will be drawn.