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  • Student associations

    Alumni associations or professional associations
  • Library & Resources

    The University of Nice Sophia Antipolis offers a wide range of tools to help its members communicate, share and work together via a web portal, the ENT - Environnement Numérique de Travail.
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  • Exam Charter

    The purpose of this charter is to optimise the organisation and validation of the IAE exams, in line with the University regulations.
    The charter is given to students when they enrol. It is displayed on the University campus and can be consulted on the IAE internet site as well as in all University administration offices.
    The charter is common to all IAE courses. All concerned parties (professors, jury members, students, administrative personnel) commit to follow it.
  • Financing

  • Disability

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  • Students booklet

  • Preventive medicine

  • IAE Mobility

  • Knowledge Assessment Methods

  • Rules and regulations

    The purpose of this regulation is to complement the institutional rules provided by the Statute of IAE Nice Graduate School of Management, which therefore cannot be modified, so as to insure the internal functioning of the School.

    In order to ensure the proper application of the Rules of procedure of IAE Nice, they must be read and well known by the entire staff and every student who attend regularly the premises of the School.
  • Internships / Jobs

  • Transfert de dossier

    Les étudiants qui changent d'université doivent passer par une procédure de transfert.
  • File transfer

    Students who change university must complete a transfer procedure.
  • Visa procedures

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