Partenariat "United Nations - Nippon Foundation Fellowship"

Un accord signé en 2008 par l'UNS et le Bureau des affaires juridiques des Nations Unies (Division de affaires juridiques et du droit de la mer) a établi un programme de bourses de doctorat.

L'UNS participe, par l'IDPD, au "Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship Programme".

Programme structure :

The 9-month Fellowship Programme is composed of two consecutive phases which provide Fellows with advanced and customized research and training opportunities in their chose fields:

Phase One: 3-month Research and Training - normally undertaken at DOALOS at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
Phase Two: 6-month Advanced Academic Research and Study - undertaken at one of the prestigious participating Host Institutions and under the guidance of subject matter expert(s) who have recognized in-depth expertise in the Fellows' chosen field of study.