Participation du Directeur de l'IDPD à la 9ème World Conference of Scientific Youth

Le Professeur Jean-Christophe Martin a participé à la 9ème conférence organisée par la Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Scientifiques à Santiago (Chili) du 15 au 19 novembre 2018. Il y a présenté une communication sur "The universities’ contribution to world peace : an international law-based approach".

This presentation proposes to assess the effective and potential contribution of universities to world peace through academic activities in the field of public international law, which is a “science for peace” by definition. The aim is thus to emphasize the very importance of the International law dimension of “Peace Studies”, since it is nowadays not limited to the prohibition of unlawful use of force. Indeed, international law addresses not only inter-state violence, but also transnational violence and intra-state, through a broad range of concepts, rules and institutional tools. The links between peace and (sustainable) development issues are still a major concern in international law, at both the global and regional levels.

Considering the universities’ contribution to world peace, the first question is thus: how to teach international law of peace to new generations of law students?

Moreover, universities should extend their action in this field in a more operational dimension, towards the society. This is not only about renewing approaches for scientific research and its outcomes, but also of engaging its faculties, staff and students, of participating in decision-making processes, for instance. How to implement such an ambition? This is the question the author of this presentation is to answer, in transforming the “Institute for Peace and Development Law” of Université Côte d’Azur.