Séminaire GREDEG / Axe MTC-NSC - Giorgio Coricelli (University of Southern California)

"Counterfactual Processing of Values in Private and Social Contexts"
Quand ? Le 02-06-2016,
de 16:00 à 17:30
Où ? GREDEG, salle Picasso
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Giorgio Coricelli (U. of Southern California)


"Counterfactual processing of values in private and social contexts"

Abstract – I will discuss the theoretical implications of incorporating counterfactual processing of values into the process of choice, and into adaptive models of decision-making. Counterfactual evaluation means to compare the outcome of our choice with what we could have obtained with a different choice. In social settings the counterfactual outcome could be the outcome of a choice taken by another individual. We hypothesize that private and social counterfactuals share similar features – because both support learning – but social evaluations have distinguishing characteristics, such as keeping track of our social ranking. Results from a neuropsychological study (patients with lesions in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex) show a neuroanatomical dissociation between private and social counterfactuals, and fMRI data shows that the interplay between reward and social reasoning networks mediates the influence of social counterfactuals (social comparison) on the decision process.


Séminaire organisé conjointement par le GREDEG et l’axe MTC-NSC (Modélisation Théorique et Computationnelle en Neurosciences et Sciences cognitives)