Séminaire KTO-GREDEG-OFCE - Tommaso RAMUS (Catolica Lisbon)

Organizational Change During Hybridization
Quand ? Le 08-10-2019,
de 12:15 à 13:45
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Tommaso RAMUS (Catolica Lisbon)

Title: Organizational Change During Hybridization

Please note the paper is available in hard copy only upon request as per the author’s wish.

Abstract: Recent studies have demonstrated how hybrid organizations use structure to ease tensions resulting from unfamiliar combinations of institutional logics. However, little is known about the intra-organizational hybridization process through which a non-hybrid organization transforms into a sustainable hybrid organization. We address this gap through an inductive, longitudinal study of San Patrignano, the largest drug rehabilitation community in Europe, which transformed over a seven-year period from a purely social mission-oriented organization, funded primarily by philanthropic donations, to a social-commercial hybrid organization funded primarily by commercial revenue. This transformation was enabled by multiple cycles of structural change that reflected an increasingly complex conception of the relationship between commercial and social welfare logics in San Patrignano’s activities. Central to this process was the emergence of multiple types of “performing tensions” perceived structural failures to which San Patrignano managers attributed organizational underperformance, thereby triggering the revision of hybrid role structure. Based on our findings, we develop a process model of hybrid structuration underlying the hybridization process.