Séminaire vidéoconférence "Experiments in the Social Sciences" - Colin TREDOUX (Professor of Psychology, Université de Toulouse)

"Experiments in articulating intergroup perceptual and attitudinal encounter"
Quand ? Le 07-06-2017,
de 14:00 à 16:00
Où ? salle SCI de l'ISEM
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Experiments in the Social Sciences : A video-conference seminar jointly organised by


EHESS MarseilleGREQAM, AMU, Ilôt Du Bois, 5, Boulevard Maurice Bourdet, Marseille - Salle de réunion, 2ième étage,
GREDEG, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis – Salle du Conseil de l'ISEM (SCI)
Institut Jean Nicod, Ecole Normale Superieure, 29, rue d'Ulm, Paris – Salle CRI
Università di Genova, Via Vivaldi 5 - 16126 Genova – Sala Passadore
Nafarroako Unibertsitate Publikoa, Economics Department, Campus de Arrosadia, s/n, 31006 Pamplona


Tuesday June 6, 2017, 2pm - 4pm


Experiments have become part of the scientific apparatus in social science only relatively recently compared with the status they had already acquired as a superior proof practice in the late seventeenth century in the natural sciences. For the second year, the seminar invites participants from different disciplines, such as animal studies, cognitive sciences, economics, linguistics, neurosciences, philosophy, psychology, etc., to analyse the experimental paradigm, its historical development and its epistemological constraints and tries to open the blackbox of experimental settings. That is, this seminar aims at reflecting on the status of experiments in the social sciences in a comparative way across disciplines, the part they play in providing insights and proofs, the methodological and rhetorical differences in experiments and experimental settings, the necessity and role of incentives in eliciting "truthful" answers, the transfer from results in the lab or in the "field" to the "world", the status of the theoretical models to which experimental results are compared, etc.


This is our last session this year, but we will back in October 2017!
For further information please contact :
In Genova Anna Bottasso (bottasso@economia.unige.it), Fabrizio Bracco (fabrizio.bracco@unige.it ), Carlo Chiorri (carlo.chiorri@unige.it ), Corrado Lagazio (corrado.lagazio@unige.it )
In Marseille : Stéphane Luchini (stephane.luchini@univ-amu.fr ), Christelle Rabier (christelle.rabier@ehess.fr ), Miriam Teschl (miriam.teschl@ehess.fr ),
In Nice : Agnès Festré (agnes.festre@gredeg.cnrs.fr), Eric Guerci (eric.guerci@unice.fr), Nobuyuki Hanaki (Nobuyuki.HANAKI@unice.fr ),
In Pamplona: Ritxar Arlegi (rarlegi@unavarra.es )
In Paris : Brent Strickland (brent.strickland@ens.fr)